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  1. required skills: [+] Really good knowledge and working experience in Windows and Linux system administration [+] Good knowledge and working experience in IP networks administration [+] Good knowledge of hardware setup, maintenance and troubleshooting [+] Really good troubleshooting skills [+] Really good organisational skills [+] Ability to work autonomously, with minimal supervision [+] Drive to improve and constantly learn new skills [+] Friendly, always ready to help behaviour toward our staff and clients [+] Really good English communication skills, spoken and written [+] The possibility to travel outside of Berlin for short term missions [+] Good knowledge of at least one scripting language like Bash or Python [+] Experience with Puppet / Foreman is a plus [+] Experience with FreeIPA and/or Active Directory is a plus [+] Experience with distributed file systems (BeeGFS,Ceph,...) is a plus [+] Experience with high availability systems (Proxmox,...) is a plus responsibilities: [+] Develop and maintain our physical, virtual server and storage infrastructure [+] Deploy, maintain and support artists workstations [+] Deploy software and manage configurations via our puppet infrastructure [+] Monitor and tune our systems to ensure maximum performance and stability [+] Provide system and software support to all users including artists, production and company staff [+] Work closely with pipeline team to integrate new tools and workflows [+] Work closely with production teams to ensure we deliver our projects with the best possible quality while respecting the deadlines [+] Maintain and oversee our data sets including active projects data, backups and archives [+] Evaluate and recommend emerging technologies to increase performance, reliability and manageability [+] Enforce and improve our security policies [+] Resolve critical outages in the shortest time
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