Apply for Compositing Supervisor - Munich

  1. required skills: [+]minimum 5 years nuke experience [+]nuke scripting and customization in python [+]experience with deep compositing [+]basic knowledge of matchmoving software and workflow [+]the ability to organize yourself and a team / team leading experience [+]advanced knowledge of 3D space compositing and multi channel exr workflow [+]general knowledge of maya and / or houdini [+]very good in working with deadlines [+]strong problem solving ability [+]perfect eye for details and realism / feature film experience [+]very good english skills [+]a great sense of humor is a plus   responsibilities: [+]reviewing the work and give technical and creative guidance to artists [+]organizing the workflow and team and ensure that the team members meet their deadlines [+]help when help is needed and keep a cool head when the office seems to burn [+]project planning and set supervision [+]communication with the client
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