Apply for Digital Matte Painting Artist - Stuttgart

  1. required skills: [+]Expert working knowledge of Photoshop [+]Good knowledge of Maya and Nuke [+]5 years of production experience in feature film or commercials [+]Experience creating digital paintings of photo-realistic environments based on concept art and/or photo reference [+]Expert understanding of perspective and camera lenses [+]Thorough knowledge of advanced matte painting techniques including color space, digital paint techniques and Photoshop file management (file format, bit depth resolution or appropriate layering of elements). [+]Experience integrating matte paintings into 3D environments using Maya and Nuke [+]Strong problem solving ability [+]Very good English skills [+]Comfortable in working with deadlines [+]Ability to work in a team of creatives [+]Knowledge of Mari and Zbrush is a plus
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