Apply for VFX Coordinator - Berlin

  1. required skills: [+]basic knowledge of the industries terminology [+]the ability to organize yourself and multi-task [+]good team working ability and assertiveness without being bossy [+]good in working with deadlines [+]good problem solving ability [+]positive and proactive attitude to ensure a good atmosphere within the team [+]good english skills [+]experience as a vfx coordinator [+]experience with excel, shotgun, filemaker, hiero or avid is a plus [+]German language skills at business proficient level responsibilities: [+]project management, in particular the controlling of resources and the reporting to the vfx supervisor and producer [+]transferring, tracking and management of the customers notes [+]preparation of dailies and cinesync sessions [+]preparation and conduction of deliveries [+]data management of received vfx plates and reference material [+]ensure that the team members meet their deadlines [+]managing of render farm priorities [+]communication with the customer
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